First Edition of Expect More eBook

Collaboratory members can download and distribute the first edition of the Expect More book.


Book in PDF Format: Expect More PDF

Book in MOBI format: Expect More MOBI (for Kindle)

Book in ePub format: Expect More ePub (for Nook and Sony Readers)

Book in iBooks format: Expect More iBook (for iPads and Macs)


The following video illustrate some of the ideas in the book. Please feel free to use them in your community.

Introductory Video for the Book:

Videos from the New Librarianship Master Class

The Mission of Libraries: Expect More Than Books

Introduction to the Justification of Libraries

Library as Collective Buying Agent

Library as Economic Stimulus

Library as Center of Learning

Library as Safety Net

Library as Steward of Cultural Heritage

Library as Cradle of Democracy

Library as Symbol of Community Aspirations