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Library Renaissance Meeting, Florence, Italy 18 September 2017
13:00-17:00 CET


The Library Renaissance is a project of the new Expect More Clearinghouse (hopefully more partners to be added after this organizing meeting). It seeks to build upon the outstanding community based services and advocacy happening across the globe. It is currently envisioned as a series of community conversations with librarians and library partners embedded into existing venues and conferences. These conversations will culminate in an international summit that brings together international delegates in a series of platform building and training sessions to further community/library advocacy.

The overall aim is to identify outstanding advocacy efforts, support needs for library advocates, and needed resources for furthering the community message in librarianship. The platform, training, and resources will be identified in the form of an inventory to be used in the international conversations.

Goal for Florence

The meeting in Florence is to:
• develop and refine the inventory form and process
• identify advocates and important organizations to target for participation in the project
• identify venues for inventor events such as regional and national library conferences
• Determine roles for partners and organizers moving forward.

Preliminary Agenda

• Welcome
• Review of project goals
• Review and refinement of draft inventory
• Identification of partners
• Determinations of next steps

Meeting Logistics

The meeting will take place at the Societa Dantesca Italiana ( )
Via Arte della Lana 1
Florence, Italy

There may be a shift of venues, but there will be no need to change hotel arrangements.

Anna Maria Tammaro will also be proving a list of possible accommodations soon.

Online Logistics

The hope is that the meeting will be open for online participation through an online conferencing system like Adobe Connect. However, realizing technology can sometimes fail, the event will be recorded and available for streaming afterwards. Online review, input, and support sessions will be held throughout the year to prepare local advocates to conduct inventory sessions.

Information Flow

Updates and input will be coordinated through the Expect More Clearinghouse site at:


Slack ( ) will be used for program organizers.

Additional Information

I will circulate a draft Inventory document soon.